• Post time: May-05-2019

    China classifies labor insurance shoes according to their protective performance, mainly anti-static shoes and conductive shoes, insulating shoes, anti-smashing shoes, anti-piercing safety shoes, anti-acid and alkali shoes, anti-slip shoes, anti-piercing shoes, anti-cold shoes, waterproof shoes a...Lire la suite »

  • Post time: Apr-24-2019

    Safety shoes, commonly known as labor insurance shoes, generally refer to safety shoes are also anti-smash shoes, steel shoes. But strictly speaking, safety shoes are divided into toe safety shoes, anti-static safety shoes, electrical insulation safety shoes, high-temperature safety shoes, etc. H...Lire la suite »

  • Post time: Apr-16-2019

    The soles of labor insurance shoes are mostly made of polyurethane by one-time injection moulding, which has the advantages of wear resistance, oil resistance, anti-smash and anti-piercing, acid and alkali resistance, insulation, waterproofing, lightweight and so on. The wear resistance of polyur...Lire la suite »

  • Post time: Mar-25-2019

    The use of labor protection shoes, should also be based on the operator’s working environment to choose, and in the choice of which shoes. Be sure to read the instructions before use and be sure to use them correctly. Besides, what does the common sense that labor protects a shoe to use sti...Lire la suite »

  • Post time: Mar-20-2019

    Protective shoes should have product qualification certificate and product manual. Before use, please read the instruction according to the conditions of use and use the correct method. Selection and maintenance of protective shoes selection of protective shoes should be based on the nature of th...Lire la suite »

  • Post time: Dec-17-2018

    Safety shoes and PPE protecion becomes more and more important in the oil, gas, drilling, offshore, rigging, mining, construction and other industrial use etc. Let’s share more and grow up with each other. Whatsapp&Wechat: 008615662493376 Lire la suite »

  • Post time: Nov-21-2018

    We have got CE  test report for our customers. PU/PU, EVA/RUBBER  all passed SRC standard according to EN ISO 20345:2011. I attached the sole pictures here,If you like one of them,just contact me by Lire la suite »

  • Post fotoana: Sep-13-2018

    Asa fiarovana ny kiraro, izay antsoina koa hoe kiraro fiarovana, manondro ny kiraro hanaovana amin'ny toeram-piasana isan-karazany, na ny sasany karazana manokana ny asa mba hiarovana ny tongotra sy ny tongony naratra. Avy amin'ny asa ny fiarovana kiraro, dia azo zaraina ho efatra mitovitovy sokajy. Araka ny indostria isan-karazany, ...Lire la suite »

  • Post fotoana: Sep-13-2018

    Safety kiraro ireo izay kiraro tonta ao amin'ny toeram-piasana mba hiarovana ny tongony sy ny ranjony avy foreseeable naratra. Safety kiraro amin'ny ankapobeny no ambony fepetra famokarana fitaovana sy fitaovana mekanika. Amin'ny ankapobeny, ny fiarovana kiraro milalao anjara asa fiarovana hafa araka ny natiora ...Lire la suite »

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